Thursday, March 5, 2009

More LOST! and a baby picture... appease all you Lost haters/Grace fans. I have no idea why the color is suddenly all washed out on this picture. She's really not anemic.

I think the statue is Anubis. I've found pictures of him in which he has only four toes on each foot. This matches up with the hieroglyphics we've seen. Also, Anubis's counterpart in Greek and Roman mythology is Cerberus. Darn you, Lost, for not letting us see more of the statue! Darn you to heck!

Dude! Amy's Sawyer's mom!

Is Paul played by the same guy that played Kate's best friend? No info up yet on IMDB.

That's either a Coptic cross or an ankh, Egyptian symbol of life often toted around by Egyptian gods. Such as Anubis. Does Horace start flipping out because he sees Paul alive?

Oh, PLEASE tell me the new conflict isn't Juliet vs. Kate for Sawyer's heart. If it is, I'm going to barf. Let's see. Kate: selfish, self-absorbed, commitment-phobic, sneaky, snarky, defensive, has great hair and upper arms. Juliet: sarcastic, highly intelligent, can fix a Dharma van and perform surgery, has great hair and upper arms. WHO WINS? This shouldn't even be a contest. I'm not Juliet's biggest fan, but she's twelve steps above Kate, the Homicidal Harpy. If this is what's next on Lost I'll be beyond upset.

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