Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warning: All about LOST.

Holy Heck. Flight 316, John Locke as a substitute for Christian, doubting Thomas. They really laid it on thick with the Biblical symbolism in this one. John 3:16: "For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life." John Locke voluntarily dies (I don't really believe he's dead, by the way, or at least he's not dead for good; and if he's a Christ figure, there's an excellent chance he'll be resurrected once back to the Island) so that the Oceanic 6 can get back to the Garden of Eden Island.

Is it a coincidence that Ben (who looks like Thomas, Aaron's father, and Benjamin was a great great great uncle of Aaron) goes on at length about the Thomas of the Bible? Probably. But I still like to think there's some connection between the two.

Jack's grandpa's name is Raymond. Technically, this name means "protecting hands" or some such; it's not Latin in origin. BUT if it were derived from a romance language, it could mean something like "king of the world." HMMMM. Last name Shephard. Who is a shepherd king of the world? Yeah. CRAZY.

Okay, so if I were really upset about my kid (I killed him? He was kidnapped? I gave him to someone else? I don't know.), and I went to a friend's house for comfort, what would I do? Would I go in and search out said friend, say, "Hi, life sucks right now. Please make out with me"? Or would I slink in creepily and lie down on his bed and cry in the middle of the night and shoot cryptic demands at him and then attack him with my mouth? I guess if I were Kate (is it wrong that I was really excited she might be dead in the beginning of the episode?), I would do the latter. Because I'M ANNOYING AND NOTHING I DO MAKES ANY SENSE AT ALL.

Simon's Butcher Shop. Simeon was a son of Jacob, just like Benjamin. Benjamin was the second son of Rachel, and Simeon was the second son of Leah (coincidence that Benjamin's mother was the favored wife and Simeon's mother was the ugly, unloved wife?). Hmm. Then there was another Simon who was the brother of Jesus. Then there was Simon Peter. The most interesting to me is Simon of Cyrene, who carried Jesus's cross. Simon the Butcher has Jesus's Locke's body. On the other hand, there was also Simon Magus, who apparently had supernatural powers; he supposedly converted to Christianity but then attempted to charge the Apostles money for those abilities. He's not a good guy. I wonder if the ambiguity is intentional; maybe we're supposed to wonder if Locke is in league with the devil, not God. Maybe Locke has been duped; I don't think he would intentionally ally himself with evil, but he has a long history of credulity, and somehow I doubt all those flashbacks showing said credulity were merely to establish that he's had a sad, sorry life until the Island. Also, Jill, the lady at the shop, is an extra special kind of creepy. ETA: In the Bible, it's important that Jesus's legs were never broken (they did this when a crucifixion had gone on long enough; breaking the legs sped up death since the victim could no longer push himself up to breathe); he's an unblemished sacrifice. Is it significant, then, that Locke's leg was broken (and severely, at that)? I doubt it; I know it's a stretch, but I love speculation like this. It's so much fun.

Oh, do we have a new character? Mr. Condolences is kind of cute. In a short little dude sort of way. And ooooh, he's on the plane! I recognized the pilot's voice! Yay Lapidus! He's got the creepiest eyes ever. I love that guy. He cleaned up quite a bit. I wonder if the lady with Sayid is going to be a new character, too. Also, could Kate be any more of a jerk? "We're on the same plane, Jack. It doesn't mean we're together." That's a great way to treat the guy who keeps putting up with your crap, no matter how many times you ditch him. I mean, yeah, he's not the most happy fun time guy ever in the world, but you sneaked into his house last night, laid down on his bed, and told him to never ask about Aaron. Then, presumably, you slept with him and used his facilities. He cooked you breakfast. And now you're all attitudy with him? I don't even like Jack, and I want to punch you for him.

I love that Hurley bought all the seats. Why, though, did he not buy all the coach seats, too? Or was the plane already mostly full by the time he bought tickets? Does that guitar have something to do with Charlie?

Best line ever:

Jack: "How can you read?"
Ben: "My mother taught me."

It's not that funny written down, but Ben's delivery is hilarious.

Speaking of which, Ben calls, all beat up, from the docks earlier in the show. Was he with Desmond? Also, is Desmond not on the flight? He's coming back to the Island somehow. I wonder how or when.

Ben is reading Ulysses. I've never read it, but much of it parallels the Odyssey. I think. I'm sure this is intentional (Penelope, Desmond's wife, is the name of Ulysses's clever and faithful wife), but does it actually mean anything? Lost loves a red herring. If there is a real connection, is it to the Odyssey or Ulysses?

Anyway, plane starts shaking, blinding white light, and we're back to the beginning of the episode (which looks remarkably like the beginning of the series). This time, though, they're near a pool with a waterfall, and there seems to be no plane. I wonder if the plane was flying over the Island exactly when it time-shifted, thus sucking out the Oceanic Six and whoever else had been to the Island before--and maybe some new people, if the Island wants them--, and leaving the rest of the plane to go on its merry way. Hopefully the co-pilot is on his toes, eh? But wait. Locke fixed the Island, didn't he? It shouldn't be time shifting anymore. So what's going on?

Or maybe Locke fixed the Island in the past, so all those people get sucked into the past while the rest of the plane goes along its way. I'm so confused.

Then Jin rolls up in a Dharma van. Oooooh my.


  1. I need to start writing down my thoughts as I watch LOST every week, except I don't think I would be as funny as you. Darnit.

    Plus then I wouldn't get to attack my lap-kitty-only-during-LOST with a comb and scissors for trimming the stupid knots off her tummy.

    I feel bad for Daniel, even though I hated Charlotte. Oh, I hated Charlotte. Not like I hated whiny-rich-girl Shannon, though...

  2. I didn't mind Charlotte. Maybe because she had such great hair. And yeah, I feel really sorry for Daniel. I like him.

    I hated Shannon at first, but she got more likable. Sometimes it seems like they kill off characters just as they're beginning to exhibit some redeemable characteristics.