Saturday, January 17, 2009

Short Update

Thursday night was terrible, again. But better than Wednesday night. She only woke up twice (I think? I don't really remember).

Yesterday I was so thoroughly exhausted. I was so tempted to throw her in her crib with a bunch of hangy toys and let her tend to herself for the day. But I didn't. She would have gotten really hungry.

She went right to sleep for both her naps, and then last night she was out like a light the second I put her down. She only woke up once, at six. I fed her. She sounded so sad and alone, and I was tired. Still not ideal, but I'll take it.

I put her to bed about 40 minutes ago, and not a peep yet. I won't start breathing again until an hour's up, though.

I got more sleep last night, but I'm still to tired to write anything real. Just didn't want you all to think I'd died or something.

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