Monday, December 15, 2008

I want a birthday cake with lots of fiber

I think the baby is already learning how to talk. She coos at me, I mimic her, she'll coo some more, and we go back and forth like that for ten minutes. If I don't mimic her, she doesn't keep cooing. Maybe this is just a case of overblown parent ego, but I think we're raising a verbal genius.

Speaking of mom brain, I had a mom moment a few days ago. I was feeding the baby in the living room, and I heard the floorboards in the hall creaking. They were creaking the same way they do when James is sneaking up on me. But James wasn't home, and there's no one else in the house with me who could be creeping around the hallway. So I flipped out and was about to shove the baby under the couch, when around the corner came... a cat. I stared at it for a long time before I realized the she lives here. She's been living here for four months.

Also, I've been wondering how on earth my glasses get so gross and nasty so quickly after I clean them. The other day it all came together. I had my face buried in the top of Grace's head, and I noticed her hair dragging across the front of my lenses. Oh... yes. That makes sense.

Do you all want to know what else makes me crazy? The use of "B-day", "B'day", "Bday", etc., in place of "birthday". Why? Because I always read it as "bidet". Also, it's almost always inappropriately capitalized.

Happy enema! Enjoy your colon cleanse!

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