Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I can live again.

I just got done making out with my brand new washer, dryer, and stove. I tried to make out with the installation guys, but they ran out the door before I could catch them. Not moving so fast these days. In retrospect, this is probably best. James would not have been pleased.

Also, the cable guy, who was either a little bit of a jerk or just socially awkward. I couldn't tell. He almost got some crazy pregnant lady loving. We have Internet. The long dry season is over.

I'm doing load after load of laundry for fun. I'm meal planning. I'm sweeping floors. On purpose. I wake up early to cook James breakfast.

I really hope this new leaf does not go rotten. I like being all domesticky.

Also. Today is the single Tuesday of the month where they pick up large pieces of garbage at the curb. We had two toilets sitting out there (nothing says "Redneck" like two really old toilets sitting on your front porch for three weeks, by the way) with the garbage cans. The recycling people came by and smashed them as they emptied the bin. Thanks! Thanks so much! I would love to go out there and make them easy to pick up again, but it's getting really hard to bend over. I look like a despikified blowfish.

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