Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hopefully she doesn't inherit our social skills

This is crazy. Our church is tiny. We have four couples of child-bearing age. And all four have either just had a child or are now expecting. We just found out about the fourth today. I don't know why I'm so excited about this one. But I got the email and actually squealed. Maybe I'm just excited that my baby will have three kids right around her age to play with. Hopefully this coming one is a boy. All three of the other new ones are girls. Heh. Could make for some interesting junior high years.

The living room is growing on me. We peeled the (yellow) tape off, stepped back and said, "Huh. This is really not so bad." And then today I just glanced in the room and said, "Wow. I really like this." Weird. But good. Because our dining room will be the same color scheme. We better like it.

I still want a blue living room, someday.

Once the carpet dries, we can put the couch, piano, bookshelf, TV, TV stand, and a whole bunch of books and DVDs into the living room. It will start to feel like home. I'm very excited. Actually, the carpet is pretty much dry; it's just that I can't really move any of this stuff myself. I have to wait until James gets home.

The Knob is doing well. I call her "Knob" or "Knobs" or "Knobbles" or some variation thereof because she keeps poking me with nondescript knobby limbs (I also call her "Ham Loaf", but I'm not sure why). She'll poke one out, then drag it all across the front of my stomach. Sometimes she'll jab me in eight different places simultaneously, which leads me to believe my baby has tentacles. That would be awesome. A couple weeks ago (Edit: no, it was more like a week ago), she managed to poke me hard enough with a foot that I could actually feel with my hand that it was a foot. I squealed and squealed. Nothing makes me giddier than baby feet.

She also does this manic pedaling/speedboxing thing, usually when I'm lying on my side. On my left side are the short, quick little fluttery jabs--probably her hands--, and on my right are the pokes and wallops, very very fast--I'm assuming feet--, and she'll do these both at the same time. I'm amazed something so tiny can move so fast in such cramped, fluid-filled conditions. One of my favorite writers described it as a "rabid mongoose". I wish I'd coined that phrase.

One thing I'm not happy about is this sudden, insane fatigue. I sleep all the time. Used to be if I napped during the day, I couldn't sleep at night. Now I nap some five hours a day, spend all day yawning, go to bed and fall asleep immediately (waking up to pee several times a night, of course) for another six. I can't sleep for longer than that because my hips hurt too much to lie down any longer. Pillows help, but they don't get rid of the problem. I actually got achy hips before I ever got pregnant, but since I could also sleep on my stomach it wasn't much of a problem.

Standing up is exhausting (even with the support belt thing, I feel like all the circulation in my legs is cut off, and my belly is just drooping down to my knees, dragging all my internal organs into one squished little knot). I'm heavy enough that if I sit too long (even on the couch), my butt starts to hurt. I've only gained 30 pounds, which is just slightly over the recommended range so far. So I'm stuck with either lying down or walking all the time.

Breathing is also really difficult. I'm not really short of breath; I just don't feel like there's enough oxygen in the air. This started around 20 weeks, but my sister gave me some yoga breathing exercise to do, which helped immensely. Now it's back. And doesn't really care that I know my yoga breathing.

The best part is my sudden need for ridiculous amounts of water. I cannot drink enough. My poor kidneys and bladder are beside themselves. How is it fair that pregnancy says: "OKAY! You need to double your daily fluid intake. ALSO! Your bladder capacity is now 25%. AND! If you have a contraction or the baby moves funny, you had better hope you're close to the bathroom! MWAHAHAHAH!"

I hope this doesn't make it sound like I'm miserable all the time. I'm really not. These are pretty much the only 3rd-trimester annoyances that I've had to deal with so far. If the greatest of my problems is sleepiness, I think we're doing pretty well. I just wish there were something I could do about it, since more sleep only makes me even sleepier. Speaking of which, it's about time for my nap. Mmmm. Nap.

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